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Telegesis is uniquely qualified among ZigBee module manufacturers in the design support that we offer to companies adding ZSE functionality to their products. Telegesis has helped many companies to build ZSE compliant Smart Metering solutions.


This fast growing sector is seeing more and more companies turning to ZigBee technology for their wireless solutions. Telegesis is expert in implementing ZigBee Light Link and Building Automation profiles.

ZigBee Home Automation

The ZigBee Home Automation profile is seeing rapid growth. Telegesis is extremely well qualified to assist companies wishing to join this market. Our ZigBee Home Automation command set makes it easy to make ZHA compliant products very quickly.


Telegesis has major in-field deployments in the field of renewable energy notably in solar deployments. Low power, mesh-networking ZigBee technology is the best solution for robust monitoring of renewable energy devices.

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