Here are our manuals dealing specifically with ZigBee PRO.

AT R3xx Commands Manual TG-ETRX-R303-Commands

This document describes the AT-Command interface firmware of the ETRX2 and ETRX3 ZigBee PRO wireless meshing modules.

Telegesis ETRX2 and ETRX3 modules have been designed to be built into any device and provide a low cost, low power ZigBee solution based on the EmberZNet ZigBee stack. Integration is made easy using a simple AT-style software interface and advanced hardware design.


This document is intended for customers familiar with the R2xx versions of the Telegesis AT-Commandset based on EmberZNet and wish to upgrade to ZigBee PRO compliant R3xx AT-Commandset

Firmware Revision History R303

In order to find out the revision of your module’s firmware use the “ATI” command.If you are an existing customer and want to update your firmware please contact

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