Telegesis can write your ZigBee implementation and Thread firmware

Telegesis has an expert team of ZigBee firmware engineers with decades of experience between them designing,working with and supporting ZigBee implementation and applications of all kinds.

Telegesis can also offer Thread implementation expertise.

Telegesis has one of the biggest groups of truly experienced ZigBee specialists in Europe and we can offer that experience at competitive rates to companies who may lack that particular skill set in house.

If you are seeking to design a ZigBee Smart Energy or Home Automation product or another device based upon a ZigBee public profile then we can help.

Or if you simply see ZigBee as a useful technology for a specific application which you wish to keep pseudo proprietary we can also help.

Telegesis can start from concept through to finished and fully ZigBee approved product.


Our key capabilities include:

  • ZigBee firmware for ZigBee Smart Energy applications as well as ZigBee Home Automation applications and any of the other ZigBee public application profiles
  • Management of ZigBee certification of end products at external test houses
  • Pre-Compliance Testing for all ZigBee application profiles in-House
  • ZigBee firmware for custom application profiles
  • Firmware in C for a range of embedded host processors, test script development in Python
  • Demo software frontend development in visual Studio or Java, including distribution packages
  • Firmware can be flashed directly onto our ZigBee Radio Modules to make product mass production easier

Our depth of experience in ZigBee related projects and the availability of Firmware building blocks allows fast turnaround of projects and therefore excellent rates for our customers.

We have specific expertise with ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE), ZigBee Home Automation (HA) and ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) firmware technologies.

Telegesis has developed the firmware and successfully obtained ZigBee Alliance certification and approvals for customers for:

  • ZSE Smart Meter
  • ZSE In Home Display (IHD)
  • ZSE Range Extender
  • ZSE Gas Meter
  • ZSE Smart Plug

Telegesis has also successfully gained ZigBee certification on our own AT command line for ZigBee Smart Energy IHD

We have also designed a similar AT command interface for a Home Automation Combined Interface (CI) device allowing the use to control all common HA devices. To go with this a 5-in-1 HA device has been developed as a reference. We have also completed and demonstrated a ZigBee to DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) bridge reference design.

If you are interested to discuss your ZigBee firmware requirements with genuine ZigBee experts please contact us at

We will be pleased to examine your ZigBee implementation needs and to quote on a no-obligation basis.