Telegesis can design your hardware

Telegesis is a UK based company that has been working with ZigBee technology for nearly nine years designing and making not only ZigBee Radio Modules but also finished products.

We can offer customers not only our unrivaled experience and understanding of this rapidly emerging radio protocol but also our considerable hardware design experience. In short we can help you to design your product.

Our involvement with ZigBee extends far beyond the provision of our own fully certified and approved ZigBee Radio Module products.

Telegesis has a team of 6 ZigBee engineers dedicated to support and custom design services surrounding the Telegesis range of ZigBee Radio modules.

Over time Telegesis has built up a large knowledge base of real world ZigBee applications as well as a large number of development building blocks surrounding the Telegesis range of ZigBee products.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Complete circuit design including analogue and digital systems
  • Experience with switched mode power supplies, DC/DC converters, temperature and humidity sensing
  • Multilayer PCB design incorporating our Modules as well as other RF layout
  • RF design and deployment experience in a wide range of wave bands – most especially 2.4GHz
  • Management of hardware compliance testing at external test houses
  • Plastic housing design (via trusted 3rd party)
  • Design of automated test equipment including database logging of test results

With any product or sub-assembly Telegesis will happily offer both prototyping as well as mass production through carefully chosen and well established contract manufacturers.

Telegesis has worked with a wide range of companies all around the world on many different ZigBee deployments. These include multinational companies as well as start-ups and SME’s.

Telegesis has also been appointed to work on two EC funded projects in the application of ZigBee radio technology to the improvement and monitoring of food production.

our depth of experience in ZigBee releted projects allows fast turnaround of projects and therefore competitive rates for our customers.

Based on this we offer everything from basic free design in support to chargeable complete ZigBee based product development and manufacturing.