Telegesis ZigBee products

All Telegesis products are manufactured to the highest standards and are individually tested at the end of the production line. Our automated test equipment (ATE) is owned and maintained by Telegesis and all relevant test parameters together with warehousing data is logged in a central database allowing full end to end traceability.

A list of the national and international approvals and certifications obtained for our modules and product ranges is available for each product.

All the extensive testing that Telegesis employs helps reduce the time and expense required by our customers in order to bring a product to market in a very short time.

Your ZigBee products

If you are designing and manufacturing a ZigBee based  product  there are a number of certification and required approvals processes that you will have to undergo before you can sell  that  finished product on the open market.

These vary from territory to territory as well as from market to market and may include some or all of the following examples depending where and into which market you wish to sell your solution:

  • R&TTE – Radio-communications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment approval
  • EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility testing
  • ATEX approval (If the end device will be used in a potentially explosive or hazardous atmosphere)
  • CE marking (European Conformity mark)
  • FCC, IC and C-Tick marking
  • ANATEL compliance
  • ICASA compliance
  • ZigBee Alliance Certification

This list is not exhaustive and can appear very daunting. It can certainly be expensive and time consuming to apply for and achieve all the necessary documentation before you can go to market.

Telegesis can help you with this process. We can bring many years of experience to bear to help your product pass all the test procedures as quickly and easily as possible. Telegesis can not only supply ZigBee radio hardware but we can be employed by you as highly qualified radio hardware engineers.

Telegesis can advise with regards to radio compliance issues from the earliest days of the product design process. We can advise on best practice and on practical issues that might arise during the design process.

Telegesis can be employed in a purely advisory capacity whilst the design work is done by your own engineers. We can also give valuable input on products that are already finished or are being adapted to a different purpose.

Telegesis can offer a variety of business models around this service.

ZigBee Alliance Certification – our speciality

The ZigBee testing and approvals process can appear complex. Telegesis can help companies and customers take their products through the various stages required to gain full ZigBee certification.

Whether your product is on a public profile such as ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA) or ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE) or whether your application is on a Manufacturer Specific Profile (MSP) Telegesis can advise and help.

Telegesis has already gained ZigBee approval and certification on:

  • ZSE Smart Meter
  • ZSE In-Home Display
  • ZSE Range Extender
  • ZSE In-Home Display Command line interface
  • ZigBee Home Automation Combined Interface command set
  • ZigBee USB stick
  • ZigBee Ethernet Gateway
  • ZigBee Range Finder kit

Telegesis has in-house expertise and also a very good working relationship with a number of the top test houses both in Europe and the USA – especially ZigBee approved test houses.

We can help to steer your finished product through the compliancy and approvals maze as quickly and cost effectively as possible. To discuss your requirements and how we can help please contact