After 10 years and millions of implementations every year, ZigBee standards prove you can rely on the widest variety of smart and easy-to-use products for just about anywhere you work, live or play. ZigBee’s innovative standards are designed to let product manufacturers help their customers create their own Internet of Things and M2M wireless sensor networks to gain greater control of, and even improve, everyday activities.

ZigBee – the only standards based solution

 ZigBee Markets

ZigBee is the only standards-based wireless technology designed to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor and control networks in just about any market. Since ZigBee can be used almost anywhere, is easy to implement and needs little power to operate, the opportunity for growth into new markets, as well as innovation in existing markets, is limitless. Here are some facts about ZigBee:

  • With hundreds of members around the globe, ZigBee uses the 2.4 GHz radio frequency to deliver a variety of reliable and easy-to-use standards anywhere in the world.
  • Consumer, business, government and industrial users rely on a variety of smart and easy-to-use ZigBee standards to gain greater control of everyday activities.
  • With reliable wireless performance and battery operation, ZigBee gives you the freedom and flexibility to do more.
  • ZigBee offers a variety of innovative standards smartly designed to help you be green and save money.

ZigBee lets you easily and cost-effectively add intelligent new features that improve the efficiency, safety, security, reliability and convenience of your products. You can help your customers save both energy and money, or give them the tools they need to gain control of their homes. It’s even possible to help people maintain their independence and allow them to closely monitor their health and fitness.

Telegesis experience and track record

Telegesis can make adoption of ZigBee technology easy and affordable with our wide range of module products and the support systems and firmware that we offer.

Telegesis has customers who have used ZigBee in a huge variety of applications unrelated to the main stream solutions in ZigBee Smart Energy, Home Automation or Building Control.

Telegesis ZigBee applications include:

Try out ZigBee the easy way

Assessing ZigBee as a possible solution for your own application could not be easier with the patented Telegesis Range Finder kit. Allowing quick and accurate measurement of ZigBee in your deployment environment and priced at only $645 this kit offers a scientific test/deployment tool for a very low price.

> ZigBee Range Finder

Evaluate and work with ZigBee PRO within twenty minutes

Telegesis also enables testing and trial of standard and power amplified ZigBee module products, with and without external antennas, via the Telegesis Development Kit priced at only $349.00

Engineers can typically be up and running within twenty minutes of opening the box.

With the Telegesis Development Kit the user can control the ZigBee communication through an easy-to-use AT command-line interface. Just read the command manual and begin programming.

> ETRX3 ZigBee Development kit

Telegesis world class ZigBee support

Telegesis post-sales support is second to none and we pride ourselves on the promptness and quality of our engineering assistance.

Telegesis customers can be confident that no-one offers more effective tools or support for developing ZigBee products.

If you would like to know more about ZigBee and what it can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be pleased to discuss your application and offer expert advice on how to best address your ZigBee solution.