ZigBee Building Automation offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling the secure and reliable monitoring and control of commercial building systems. It is the only BACnet® approved wireless mesh network standard for commercial buildings. Owners, operators and tenants can benefit from increased energy savings and ensure the lowest lifecycle costs with this green and easy-to-install robust wireless network. By using ZigBee Building Automation products inyour building, you can contribute toward satisfying credits in the categories of Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building certification program.

Using our ZigBee expertise and hardware Telegesis can help you to gain control over a wide range of building types, previously unreachable rooms or sensitive areas, and even extend existing BACnet building automation systems. With ZigBee Building Automation, it will be possible to eliminate the web of wires required to monitor and manage a site. ZigBee mesh networking allows for fast system reconfigurations to accommodate a variety of situations while reducing installation and remodelling costs.

Leading global building automation suppliers supporting the development of ZigBee Building Automation include Honeywell, Ingersoll-Rand/Trane, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

ZigBee in lighting control

Lighting accounts for a high percentage of commercial sector electricity consumption in many countries. Advances in wireless communications and energy-efficient lighting equipment have made it possible to effectively combine mesh networking with lighting control to create reliable, large-scale wireless lighting. This can provide enhanced control and reductions of lighting energy consumption for commercial and industrial buildings.

Telegesis has development experience and detailed understanding of lighting control and protocols and how ZigBee can be brought into use in lighting applications.

The case for ZigBee in lighting control can be made on the convenience that  ZigBee delivers and the new applications it enables. The use of ZigBee in lighting is enormous. Saving energy and cost at the same time automating control.

A ZigBee-based motion detect sensor can be utilized in switch control. It can automatically turn the lights off when there is no one in the office, cubicle area, conference room, cafeteria, hallway, or other areas.

ZigBee also helps to save cost through automatic dimming based on ambient light conditions. Dimming lights reduces the energy draw. While people do not want to work in low light or poor lighting conditions, ZigBee-enabled sensors can be installed to sense the amount of natural ambient light and adjust the light fixtures accordingly. When there is enough ambient light from a window or other sources, the sensor activates the dimmer to adjust the lighting down accordingly, obviously and the automatic settings can be overridden where needed.

With a ZigBee wireless technology solution there are a host of advantages:

Ease of installation  -There is no need to run control wires and crawl about in wall and ceiling spaces. ZigBee wireless Mesh networking was designed to handle many of the network formation tasks needed in smart lighting systems and automated commissioning techniques can make it even quicker and easier to get the network up and running once it has formed.

Scalability and Reliability   – Lighting networks can be very large in scale, encompassing hundreds or even thousands of lighting devices located within communicating distance from one another. Mesh networks perform well in this kind of environment, with a high node count actually improving the health of the network since there are more potential communication paths.

Reduced maintenance:  The network’s self-configuring and self-healing capabilities help to reduce the manual maintenance required. Mesh networks can also automatically detect and troubleshoot problems that occur.

Managed lighting advantages include:-

  • Up to 50% energy reduction
  • Centralized control
  • Significant reduction in installation cost and time
  • Consumption monitoring

Examples of lighting companies already using Telegesis ZigBee modules:

Adura logo Acuity logo


Adura Technologies:  The Adura lighting control system is uniquely designed to provide real-time performance monitoring of your lighting system’s energy usage Combined with bi-directional wireless mesh data network and enterprise-class server software, your actual lighting energy usage can be tracked and compared against past or typical usage. This level of tracking provides insight into energy bill and carbon emissions savings.

In addition, the real-time analysis provided by Adura enterprise system can proactively alert  you of lighting problems or even impending problems to better streamline your maintenance procedures. Adura Technologies is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Acuity Brands Inc.


Digital Lumens

The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System is proven to reduce the cost of industrial lighting up to 90%. Easy to install and deployed in a variety of rugged environments, the high-bay LED lighting system features smart lights, wirelessly networked and centrally managed, to give you:

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Complete flexibility
  • Proven reliability
  • Maximum energy savings

Combining LEDs with system-wide intelligence makes the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System the best high-bay LED lighting solution for warehouses, cold storage facilities, and manufacturing plants.


Scemtec logo

Scemtec  specialises in modern electronics for use in lighting, especially for the operation of high power LEDs. They make both the copper, aluminium or ceramic carrier boards for the LEDs and other gear for, for brightness control, monitoring and for RGB colour mixing for LED modules.

As an electronics system partner Scemtec have worked successfully for many years with renowned lighting manufacturers.

They regard themselves as a specialist for all electronic solutions that are needed to operate a LED, customized switching power supplies on the current and voltage regulation and bus systems to microprocessor-based control components. Through partnerships with leading LED and component manufacturers, Scemtec are able to offer customized systems for attractive price and technology solutions.

All Scemtec equipment is manufactured exclusively in Germany in their plants in Wehnrath, Cologne on highly automated machines. Also in the manufacture of lighting systems, they place great emphasis on working closely with our customers as well as a fast and flexible process of production steps from procurement, through assembly, to assembly and final test. Scemtec has developed a series of modular building blocks so that the cost to their customers can be kept low.

Scemtec is the official development partner of Future Lighting Solutions.