Telegesis Home Automation

ZigBee Home Automation offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling smart homes that can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security, as well as the expandability to connect with other ZigBee networks. Smarter homes allow consumers to save money, be more environmentally aware, feel more secure and enjoy a variety of conveniences that make homes easier and less expensive to maintain. ZigBee Home Automation supports a diverse ecosystem of service providers and product manufacturers as they invent products necessary to create smart homes. These products are ideal for new construction, do-it-yourself and retrofit markets, and are easy to use, maintain and install.

Home Automation products are interoperable

All ZigBee Home Automation products are ZigBee Certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, allowing anyone to purchase with confidence. Numerous innovative companies have contributed their expertise to this standard, including Phillips, Control4 and Texas Instruments and many more are designing and manufacturing compliant, interoperable Home Automation products today –

Telegesis – experts in ZigBee Home Automation

Telegesis is expert in the field of ZigBee Home Automation. If you want to join the rapidly growing ZigBee HA product Market we can help you to quickly produce compliant products. Telegesis has developed a series of unique tools that speed the development process. The Telegesis Home Automation (HA) Combined Interface is the quick and easy way to design a ZigBee Home Automation product. No ZigBee firmware expertise is required and you can be confident that your finished product will pass ZigBee HA certification.

Telegesis Home Automation command set

Combined Interface graphic

The Telegesis HA Combined Interface command set is designed to support all the major features specified by the HA profile 1.1 specification and enables rapid Home Automation product development without the need for ZigBee firmware expertise. It can be pre-configured by using supported cluster attributes and Telegesis defined S-registers. It can send commands to group other devices together, identify them, create a scene and so on. To further support engineers working on ZigBee Home Automation profile products Telegesis has produced a ZHA Evaluation Kit. This is a simple evaluation kit designed for developers to gain hands-on experience on ZigBee Home Automation applications or for advanced users wishing to carry out testing. The Telegesis HA Evaluation Kit can shorten development time for HA compliant Combined Interface products based on the Telegesis Combined Interface firmware. It can also be used to develop a range of HA compliant products e.g. an HA on/off light, dimmable light and so on. All you have to do is to read the AT command manual and start building your own HA applications. Telegesis can modify the HA AT command interface for high volume customers seeking a bespoke addition to the functionality. Custom software development is available upon request.

Telegesis product design services

Telegesis can offer our customers the most complete ZigBee service from ZigBee module supply through hardware and firmware implementations to compliancy testing and product approvals. With a unique set of development tools around a comprehensive AT style interface no other ZigBee module manufacturer offers more help to companies seeking to add ZigBee Home Automation products to their portfolio. For a quotation for our competitively priced, expert design services please contact