Not just great ZigBee modules….ZigBee Smart Energy for Smart Meters


Telegesis can also offer the most detailed and expert support to anyone wishing to build a product that will operate on the Smart Energy or Home Automation profiles of the ZigBee platform.

We can do this by writing ZigBee Smart Energy compliant firmware for a customer’s application – if this is the quickest and best option for you. Alternatively, we offer Smart Energy implementation by AT command to enable engineers to simply design and build ZigBee SE compliant Smart Energy In-Home Displays without ever having to do embedded firmware development.

Please note,however,that any work in this complex field will require the development engineer to make themselves familiar with the ZSE profile and documentation as published by the ZigBee Alliance. If in house development is not practical for you then Telegesis can offer an expert end-to-end service to deliver any ZSE product.

Telegesis has already successfully certified the following products on behalf of customers:

  • Smart Meter
  • In-Home Display
  • Smart Plug
  • Energy Service Interface

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ZigBee Smart Energy Profile

The ZigBee PRO Smart Energy profile defines various device types and the specification for each device.  However, the specification doesn’t define how each device should be implemented. There are a lot of optional features that can be provided by various manufacturers which helps them to differentiate their device from the rest.

For Example:

  1. A simple electric meter from one manufacturer might record the energy consumption on a specific date whereas a meter from another manufacturer could record energy consumption as well as doing complex load profiling,  recording energy consumed at a specific price tier as defined by the Time of Use schedules recording  historical consumption and so on.
  2. An In-Premise Display from one manufacturer could be a simple text display for energy consumption whilst a display from another manufacture might be a high end graphical display with the ability to show energy usage over selectable periods together with pricing information and text messages.
  3. Depending on customer specific requirements Telegesis can help in designing and developing SE based products to their particular requirements. We have studied the protocol and the rules so that the customer doesn’t have to. Telegesis can then quickly and simply explain the alternatives available and help to swiftly implement them.
  4. All Smart Energy products must implement Certicom ECC security. Telegesis can help again. We have a close relationship with Certicom which not only gives us a detailed understanding of how their security technology works but also enables us to provide special low licence rates for our customers.
  5. Finally ZigBee certification for all Smart Energy Devices is a must. Telegesis can assist in SE compliance testing and in ensuring that finished products pass through ZigBee SE tests with ease.

If you are adding a ZigBee Smart Energy product to your range then Telegesis can provide a clear pathway to a finished solution with our unique combination of module hardware & ZigBee software expertise coupled with our knowledge of Smart Energy profiles and Certicom security implementation.

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Smart Energy Solutions
  • ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE) is the only global wireless standard among utilities, manufacturers and technology suppliers. The ZSE profile has been driven by the increasing cost of energy and an urgent need for energy conservation and efficiency. ZigBee radio technology leads the field in Smart Metering deployments worldwide and is being adopted by a growing number of utilities and manufacturers. This rapid adoption has also meant a growing requirement for companies to offer products compliant with ZigBee Smart Energy.
  • Date: 15th December 2014
  • Version: 1.5