Exceptional ZigBee solutions without the need for specialist skills.

Telegesis modules are low power, 2.4GHz ISM band transceivers, based on the Ember single chip ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 solutions. Our module’s unique AT-style command line interface allows you to quickly integrate meshing radio technology without complex software engineering.

For organisations which need to build a wireless capability in to their solutions this means:

  • A way to get wireless solutions to market fasterTelegesis ETRX3587 Module
  • Reduced development costs
  • No need for specialist RF and embedded software resources.

Multiple formats

The module is available in a variety of formats:

Telegesis ETRX3 – Ember EM357 based ZigBee modules using ARM Cortex M-3 power.

Telegesis UMI – The first ZigBee module on the market meeting the new UMI (Universal Metering Standard)

Telegesis ETRX2 – Ember EM250 based ZigBee technology Modules for engineers who want to design ZigBee in to their solutions and products

Telegesis ETRX2-PA – The Telegesis ETRX2-PA offers boosted output power whilst being a drop in replacement for the standard ETRX2

Telegesis ETRX2CF and PA version – CF format node that can be used in a PDA with a CF slot or a laptop computer with PCMCIA/CF adaptor

Telegesis ETRX2USB and PA version- USB stick offering an easy way to ZigBee enable a PC

Telegesis EAP-E and PA version The Ethernet Access Point is a “gateway” which allows access to ETRX2 mesh networking modules over an industry standard Ethernet IP Network.

Telegesis Router-E and PA version- Acts as a “router” which enables increased distance between nodes in a ZigBee network


– All products also available without AT command set – at no cost option.

– ETRX2 available with HR (Hirose U.FL) connector instead of on board antenna.

– Telegesis AT Command set also available on EM250 and EM357 chip in quantity.

– Technology licensing options also available for large volume application.

Telegesis has worked closely to support organisations which need to build ZigBee into their solutions portfolio using the ETRX product range.