What is the Home Automation Evaluation kit

Telegesis Home Automation (HA) evaluation kit includes a HA Combined Interface (CI) and a Five-In-One device.

  1. The CI is a device which is capable of controlling and monitoring other devices on a HA network. Please see CI command Manual for more information on the combined interface.
  1. The 5-in-1 device combines the functions supported by the following HA devices.
  • On/Off Light
  • Dimmable Light
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Illuminance Sensor
  • on/off switch

Why the Telegesis Home Automation Evaluation Kit

  • The Telegesis HA evaluation kit is a good starting point for a developer to gain hands on experience on ZIgBee applications.
  • It can shorten development time for HA compliant combined product based on the Telegesis combined interface firmware.
  • It can also be uesd to develop a range of HA compliant products including HA on/off lights,dimmable lights and so no.

All you have to do is to read the At command manual and start building your own HA applications. Additionally the AT software interface command set can be modified for high volume customers. Custom software development available upon request.

5-in-1 Device

The Five-in-One device consists of an ETRX357 module and a single development board with USB connectivity and I/O breakouts.


For example:

  • To simulate any HA On/Off output simply, press the on/off switch on the dev board to turn on/off the LED on the Telegesis CI USB stick.
  • An On/Off command can also be sent from the Telegesis CI USB to control the LED on the dev board.
  • TO simulate a dimmable light, send a command to the dev board LED from the Telegesis CI USB.
  • Send a command from the Telegesis CI USB to request the local temperature measurement from the the 5-in-1 dev board.
  • Send a command from the telegesis CI USB Stick to request the local luminance from the 5-in-1 dev board.

Telegesis HA Evaluation Kit


  •  ETRX USB with Telegesis Combined Interface Firmware.
  •  ETRX3 Development Board.
  •  ETRX357 Module.
  •  USB Cable

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