The ETRX357-DVK development kit is an ideal starting point for development and evaluation of the ETRX357 2.4GHz ZigBee modules.

The ETRX357 is based on the third generation Ember EM357 ZigBee SOC offering the highest wireless networking performance and application code space at  low power consumption.

The modules’ unique AT-style command line interface allows designers to quickly integrate ZigBee technology without complex software engineering. For custom application development the ETRX35x development kits integrate with ease into Embers InSight development environment.

Development Kit Features

  • ZigBee Networking “Out-of-the-Box”
  • Low cost evaluation platform for ZigBee wireless mesh networking
  • Broad selection of modules allows range testing of any possible module/antenna combination.
  • Set up a ZigBee mesh network in a few minutes without the need for any embedded software
  • The downloadable Telegesis Terminal application offers easy interface to modules on the development boards.
  • Development boards can be used as hardware platform for trials
  • Also works with 3rd party terminal software like HyperTerminal.
  • Battery option allows easy prototyping of end devices
  • Seamlessly Integrates into the Ember InSight Toolchain
  • USB Drivers available for Windows, MAC OS and Linux

Development Kit Contents

  • 3 x USB Development Boards
  • 2 x ETRX357 on Carrier-Board
  • 2 x ETRX357HR on Carrier-Board
  • 2 x ETRX357-LRS on Carrier-Board
  • 2 x ETRX357HR-LRS on Carrier-Board
  • 1 x ETRX3USB stick
  • 2 x Large 1/2-Wave Antenna
  • 2 x Small 1/4-Wave Stubby Antenna
  • 3 x USB Cable

Development Board Features

  • Power can be supplied via USB,Power Jack or on board battery holder (2xAAA)
  • Light and Temperature sensor
  • Breakout of all GPIO pins
  • Access to the Ember InSight Port
  • Reset and Bootload Button
  • 4 x Buttons, 2 x LEDs, 1 x Buzzer
  • USB to Serial converter

Enhancement Kit

The Telegesis ETRX3587 Enhancement Kit allows existing EM357 or EM351 customers to enhance both Ember (EM35x) or Telegesis ETRX357DVKA Development Kits for use with the latest EM358* technology from Silicon Labs. The Telegesis ETRX3587 Enhancement Kit includes a variation of eight ETRX3587 ZigBee modules mounted on carrier boards – two of each variant of both standard and long range ‘LRS’ versions and also with integrated antenna and Hirose connector for attaching external antennae.

  • 2 x ETRX3587 + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587HR + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587-LRS + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587HR-LRS + CB

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