ETRX3587 Enhancement Kit

The Telegesis ETRX3587 Enhancement Kit allows existing EM357 or EM351 customers to enhance both Ember (EM35x) or Telegesis ETRX357DVKA Development Kits for use with the latest EM358*technology from Silicon Labs.

The Telegesis ETRX3587 is a low power ZigBee module based on the Ember EM3587 ZigBee / IEEE802.15.4 SoC solution from SiLabs. The new module is available in both standard and power amplified form and with integrated ceramic antenna or Hirose connector for external antenna. The EM3587 chip is a single-chip, high-performance 2.4 GHz ZigBee transceiver and ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor integrated with the rigorously tested and field-proven EmberZNet ZigBee PRO networking protocol stack. This ZigBee software sets the bar for ZigBee stack reliability and has been used in more announced products than any other ZigBee stack. This 4th generation ZigBee SoC boasts 512kB flash memory and 64kB RAM.

The ETRX3587 module has been designed to be integrated into any device without the need for RF experience and expertise and lets you add powerful wireless networking capability to your products easily and bring them to market quickly. Custom application firmware can be developed on the ETRX3587 module using the latest Ember development firmware and either the Telegesis or Ember InSight development environment augmented with the Telegesis ETRX3587 Enhancement kit.

The Telegesis ETRX3587 Enhancement Kit includes a variation of eight ETRX3587 ZigBee modules mounted on carrier boards – two of each variant of both standard and long range ‘LRS’ versions and also with integrated antenna and Hirose connector for attaching external antennae.


  • 2 x ETRX3587 + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587HR + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587-LRS + CB
  • 2 x ETRX3587HR-LRS + CB

EM357 or EM351 customers please contact us to upgrade your existing Ember or Telegesis Development Kits for use with the EM358* technology –

Please note: Telegesis ETRX357 AT Command Interface is not yet available for use with ETRX3587 modules.

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