Range Extender

The Telegesis Thread Range Extender can join and strengthen your Thread network. Built around both power amplified and standard Telegesis ETRX3587 modules, the Range Extender is available in both black and white plastic. USA, European, Australian and UK formats all supported.

OEM branding available – Fully Thread approved and certified from Q1 2016.


Telegesis Thread Development Kit

The Telegesis Thread Development Kit provides a quick, easy and low cost entry point for engineers wishing to engage with the Thread Protocol.

Fully integrates into Silabs Thread development environment. Please visit www.silabs.com/thread.

Full Thread compliant AT Command Interface under development and sampling soon. To find out more please Sign up to Telegesis Product News.

EXTRX3587 Module New

Kit contains:

  • 8 x ETRX3587 Module variants including standard and power amplified modules with and without on board antenna.
  • Development board and module carrier boards.
  • Boards either battery or USB powered
  • 1 x ETRX358USB+8ME stick
  • Variety of SMA cables and external antennas

Telegesis ETRX358* module series – 512K flash 64K RAM – Ideal for use with Thread Protocol.

The Telegesis ETRX3587 is based on the new EM358x Ember® ZigBee® SoC family from Silicon Labs.

The EM3587 chip is a single-chip, high-performance 2.4 GHz ZigBee transceiver and ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor integrated with the rigorously tested and field-proven EmberZNet ZigBee PRO networking protocol stack. This ZigBee software sets the bar for ZigBee stack reliability and has been used in more announced products than any other ZigBee stack.

The Telegesis ETRX3587 module is footprint compatible with the bestselling ETRX357 module but it brings significant additional flash memory and RAM.  With 512K of Flash memory and 64K of RAM this powerful product has more than enough capacity to deal with the most code intensive applications.

The ETRX3587 has been designed to be integrated into any device without the need for RF experience and expertise and lets you add powerful ZigBee wireless networking capability to your products easily and bring them to market quickly.

It can also be used by those developers who wish to use Thread technology in their solution, visit www.silabs.com/thread.

For more about Telegesis and Thread please click here.

Custom application firmware can be developed on the ETRX3587 module using Ember EM358x development kits which provide all of the hardware and software tools needed for application development in cost-effective and convenient kits integrated into Ember’s InSight development environment.

EM357 customers please contact us to upgrade your existing Ember or Telegesis development kits for use with the EM358* technology – sales@telegesis.com

Thread Command layer

Look out for the forthcoming Thread AT Command Interface which Telegesis will be offering later in 2015. Sign up to our product news for updates on this exciting development that will enable engineers to develop Thread compliant end products without the need for any embedded firmware experience. Sign up

˟NOTE: Other EM358* based module variants are available subject to MOQ. Please contact Telegesis for more information – sales@telegesis.com

 Radio Features

  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • 250kbit/s over the air data rate
  • 16 channels (802.15.4 Channel s 11 to 26)

 Standard ETRX3587 module

  • +3dBm output power (+8dBm in boost mode)
  • High sensitivity of -99dBm (-101dBm in boost mode) typ. @ 1% packet error rate
  • RX Current: 25mA, TX Current: 31mA at 3dBm

 Power Amplified ETRX3587-LRS module

  • Includes SiGe SE2432 integrated PA and LNA
  • +20dBm output power (adjustable down to -21dBm)
  • High sensitivity of -106dBm typ. @ 1% packet error rate
  • RX Current: 31.5mA, TX Current: approx. 140mA at 20dBm

 Example Applications

The ETRX3587 module is designed for use wherever ZigBee radio technology can be deployed for example:

  • Smart Metering products
  • Home Automation solutions
  • Smart Lighting and Building Control systems
  • Medical and Home Healthcare devices

Interested in this product? Get in touch today to find out more & discuss your requirements with our team.