There is no easier way to produce a ZigBee smart Energy (ZSE) compliant In-Home Display (IHD) than by using the Telegesis ETRX3USB-IHD.

Telegesis is now shipping the successful ETRX3USB ZigBee USB stick pre-loaded with ZSE IHD firmware. In addition we can also supply our USB stick loaded with Certicom test certificates for demonstration purposes or with full Certicom certificates for use in production applications.

We have also added an AT Command layer on top of the ZSE IPD firmware so that your host application can easily control the ETRX3USB-IPD.

Telegesis has received full certification from the ZigBee Alliance on the ETRX3USB-IPD as an approved ZSE IHD. The ZSE profile requirement calls for the inclusion of Certicom certificates for extra security.These can only be supplied after a product has passed certification.

IHD Demo Kit

Telegesis has released a Demo Kit with all component parts needed to evaluate this system. The kit comprises:

  • ETRX3USB stick preloaded with the ZSE IHD  firmware and Certicom test certificate.
  • USB stick with a basic “mock meter” firmware

The second USB stick in the kit acting as a “mock meter” has basic but functional firmware to aid the design process. SiLabs application was used to generate firmware to act as a basic ZSE meter sending random readings every few seconds. Telegesis supplies two PC based application software to demonstrate functionality of the ZSE IHD and “mock meter”.

 ZigBee Smart Energy Approval

Once your IHD is complete it needs to go through the ZSE approval process. However, by using the Telegesis pre-approved command set you can be confident that ZSE status will be quickly obtained.

Telegesis can assist with this process and we have a very close geographic and working relationship with UK based TRaC – one of only three ZigBee approved test houses world-wide.

Telegesis IHD Command Set Overview

The SE IHD AT Command Set has been developed by Telegesis to provide a simple AT-style Command Interface to implement an In-Home Display compliant with the ZSE application profile.

The AT-Command interface enables quick development of an IHD and can shorten your time to market significantly. Developers can design and build ZSE compliant products without  the need for embedded firmware expertise.

The IHD demo kit is available now. Please contact us for pricing and technical information at:

Command Overview

To simplify the communication with the Telegesis modules, an AT-style command set, similar to the industry standard Hayes modem control language, is used. Each command must be preceded by the “AT” or “at” prefix.

The following table gives a quick reference of all commands available.

ATI Display Product Identification Information
ATZ Software Reset
AT&F Restore Factory Defaults
AT+BLOAD Enter The Boot Loader Menu
ATS S-Register Access
AT+TOKDUMP Display All S-Registers
AT+ESCAN Scan The Energy Of All Channels
AT+PANSCAN Scan For Active PAN’s
AT+JN Join Network
AT+JPAN Join Specific PAN
AT+N Display Network Information
AT+DISCOVER Discover  Devices On The HAN
AT+UNBINDMTR Un Pairs The IHD From A Meter/ESI
AT+CURPRICE Gets The Current Pricing From The ESI
AT+SCHPRICE Gets All The Scheduled Pricing From The ESI
AT+LASTMSG Gets The Last Message From The ESI
AT+ACKMSG Used To Acknowledge A Message
AT+SETTIME Set The Time On The IHD
AT+GETTIME Get The Time On The IHD
AT+SYNCTIME Sync The IHD’s Clock With The ESI

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