External Antennas

Telegesis offers a limited selection of antennas chosen to complement ETRX2HR / ETRX2HR-PA and ETRX357HR / ETRX357HR-LRS modules. These modules have a U.FL connector instead of the on-board antenna and are ideal when an external mounted antenna is required.

Telegesis ETRX1HR Stub-s
  • SMA Male connector
  • Straight or right-angle
  • Radiating element Wire
  • Peak gain 0 dBi
  • Polarisation Linear
  • VSWR 2:1
  • Straight:32x8mm (incl. SMA)
  • Right-angle 34.5x8mm (excl. SMA)
Telegesis Stub RA Antenna
  • Groundplane independent
  • SMA Male connector
  • Knuckle for straight or right-angle
  • ½Wave Dipole
  • Peak gain 2 dBi
  • Polarisation Linear
  • VSWR 2:1
  • 138mm x 13mm
Telegesis Swivel Antenna
  • 100mm black cable
  • U.FL connector module end
  • SMA-Female connector antenna end

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