ZigBee Gateway and Consumer Access Device

With so many applications now requiring a low entry level gateway, Telegesis now offers a low cost communications gateway or Consumer Access Device (CAD) based on our “best in class” ETRX357 modules. The Telegesis ZigBee gateway gives you the perfect transport mechanism to allow developers to access their ZigBee sensor networks and automate control either based on the Cloud, or Local (tablet, phone) control. Network managers can now have the flexibility to set standard parameters to automate their network, but also maintain the flexibility to override /update these configurations. With secure industrial standards such as HTTPS, SSSL and AES128 you can be sure that your data is protected.

Typical Application Areas

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Health & Fitness Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Consumer Access Device (CAD)
  • Industrial Sensor Network Coordinator

Support Public Profiles

  • ZigBee Smart Energy
  • ZigBee Home Automation
  • ZigBee Building Automation
  • ZigBee Light Link
  • Zigbee Health Care


  • Ethernet Dial-in.
  • Ethernet Dial-out.
  • SSL available on Ethernet Dial-out.
  • Access to ZigBee module via website hosted on the Gateway.
  • Password protected web pages for Gateway configuration.
  • Can host the website on an SD Card.
  • Ability to use either DHCP or Static IP configuration.
  • Uses DNS for domain name resolution.
  • Built-in RTC can be synchronised to an NTP server.
  • Firmware can be updated remotely via Ethernet.
  • Allows firmware upgrading of the ETRX3 ZigBee module.

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