Support & Service Overview

Telegesis is dedicated to providing world class support for our products both hardware and firmware. All our hardware is designed in-house and all firmware is also developed by our team of full time employees. That means we are supporting “our” products and not ones designed by remote third parties.





If you can’t find the answer in the FAQ’s or Manuals, please e-mail with a full description of the problem, product type and Firmware version used to¬†


Warranty, Service and Repair

Telegesis has developed a warranty, service and repair strategy that allows a first class cost effective service to be provided to the VAR chain and to direct customers.

Products will have a 90-day to 1-year warranty depending on the customer. The company will use a database to authorise and track warranty, service and repair operations. The database will allocate a Returns Material Authorisation number against which warranty, service and repair operations will be carried out. The RMA number must be printed on a service label attached to the returned goods. All units arriving at the Telegesis service centre without a RMA number will be quarantined until a RMA number has been issued.

Units in Warranty

In the event of a unit failing in the field, one of three methodologies will be followed to replace the unit.

Phone Support

The customer will phone the service help line, the customer information will be checked on the sales database and a RMA number issued for the return. On receiving the unit with a valid RMA number the unit will be inspected and tested with the fault logged to the company product database. On a case-by-case basis the fault may or may not be corrected and the unit returned to support stock. In the event of the unit being wilfully damaged, a photo of the damage will be taken using a digital camera with a tick box report and brief comments produced. This together with an invoice for the replacement unit will be sent to the customer. Repeated incidences of wilful damage from a customer will result in an additional labour charge. In some cases a black-list will also be operated.

Units Received by Post

The unit will be bonded into a store until the customer has been contacted and a RMA number issued. On issuing a RMA number, a replacement unit will be sent by next post to the customer. In the event of miss-use or wilful damage, the standard rules will apply.

Service / Repair

Service and repair agreements will have a special prefix number to allow the costs and progress to be carefully monitored. All units will be tested and the test results logged in the company product database. The test PC will recommend a number of simple repair operations. Those units that fall outside of those operations will be quarantined and a replacement unit sent to the customer. The quarantined units will be reported once a month to the management team where either an examination, bonding or scrap note will be raised to clear the units off the service centre books.