Exceptional ZigBee Functionality without the need for specialist skills

The Telegesis ETRX2-PA offers boosted output power whilst being a drop in replacement for the standard ETRX2. Care was taken to retain the low deep sleep current to make this module ideally suited for battery operated end devices with the lowest transmit current in its class.

Based on the Ember EM250 single chip ZigBee solution utilizing EmberZNet 2.xx meshing technology, it has been designed for fast integration into any device without the need for RF experience and expertise.

Unlike many other module command layers the Telegesis AT-Style command set fully mirrors the functionality of the EmberZNet mesh networking stack. With the ETRX2 module there is therefore no requirement for any embedded firmware expertise when engineering your mesh networking solution.

Note: ETRX2 Products are not recommended for new designs and incurs an minimum order qty – please use the ETRX3 series instead. 

ETRX2-PA – Actual size – 37.75 x 20.45mm


Radio Features

  • Based on the Ember EM250 single chip ZigBee / IEEE802.15.4 solution
  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • 250kbit/s over the air data rate – NB actual usable data throughput with ZigBee is 20kbps
  • 16 channels (802.15.4 Channel 11 to 26)
  • +18dBm output power
  • High sensitivity of -97dBm typ. At 1% packet error rate
  • Hardware acceleration for IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transmissions

Example AT-Style Commands

  • AT+EN Establish PAN network
  • AT+BCAST Sends a Broadcast
  • AT+UCAST: Sends a Unicast
  • AT+JN Join PAN

At Power up the last configuration is loaded from S-registers. This can eliminate the need for a host controller.

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