Exceptional ZigBee Functionality without the need for specialist skills

The Telegesis Router-E enables increased distance between nodes in a ZigBee network.

For example, if the distance between two nodes is too great for communication to be established, place one or more Routers in-between and the mesh will self-form. A Router has the same distance parameters as a Telegesis module.

Note: ETRX2 Products are not recommended for new designs and incurs an minimum order qty – please use the ETRX3 series instead. 

Router Features

  • Incorporates a Telegesis ZigBee module
  • External power supply required (please note that an external power supply is available at additional cost).

Typical Uses

  • Allow extended distance between nodes in a ZigBee network.

OEM availability

The Telegesis Router is also available as an OEM product and can be suppplied in the following ways:

  • It is possible to use the Silicon Labs EM250 firmware development kit to write your own custom firmware solution.
  • With or without plastic cases.
  • Your own logo and artwork printed straight onto the plastic case.

For further information on OEM options and prices, please contact us directly at OEM@telegesis.com

Telegesis- ZigBee-e-router-mesh-network

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