Telegesis Terminal PC Software

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The command line interface of the Telegesis ZigBee modules can be accessed using any terminal software program such as HyperTerminal®. Simply set up HyperTerminal® to connect to the appropriate com port with the default settings of  19200bps, Data bits – 8, Parity – none, Stop bits – 1, Flow Control – none. To speed up evaluation Telegesis provides its own Terminal Application Software program which allows enhanced functionality especially suited to the Telegesis ZigBee modules.

OPTION- Example software frontend application and source code

To further reduce time spent developing a frontend application, Telegesis has written a very simple application in Visual C++ using Visual Studio 2008 to be used with the Development kits. For further details, follow the link below:-

How to build a PC application to use AT commands

Telegesis Terminal Software

The AT-Style commands can be issued by clicking on customisable ‘Command’ buttons and all of the 64-bit module EUI64s (MAC Addresses) which are reporting in, are listed in a separate window. This means you will not need to input any of the 64-bit EUI64s. For instructions on how to use the AT-Commands refer to the respective AT Command manuals.

The Telegesis Terminal software has been specifically designed to allow customers to very quickly gain an understanding of how the Telegesis AT command set is used to manage a ZigBee wireless network consisting of Telegesis ETRX based devices. Telegesis Terminal helps in connecting to Telegesis ETRX wireless meshing modules, sending commands to it and viewing the responses received from remote ETRX devices

Can also be used with the Development Kits and USB sticks,.

  • A selection of pre-defined buttons is supplied
  • Add/customise your own buttons
  • Edit or delete any command button
  • Store your own groups of buttons to perform different tasks
  • Perform firmware upgrades
  • Log data to file and view later
  • Open a text channel
  • Socket connection or COM port connection

The ETRX3DVK Development kit combined with the Telegesis Terminal, provides genuine quick and easy, out-of-the-box evaluation and application development, based on the Telegesis ETRX3 series wireless meshing modules. It allows a simple demonstration of the capabilities of wireless meshing technology and provides a reliable platform for technology evaluation. Using the comprehensive AT Style Command Dictionary and the simple-to-use Telegesis Terminal software package provided, it offers a low cost, high value introduction to this type of technology.

Once connected, select your chosen commands from the AT style command dictionary and type them in to the Telegesis Terminal software.


Features of the Telegesis Terminal Application

To make life easier all of the commands for the different Telegesis AT command sets have been pre-defined and conveniently grouped at the bottom of the terminal window. Pressing a button (where no parameters are required) causes the corresponding command to be issued instantly. Where a parameter is required the command is shown in the Command bar and the required parameter can be entered manually. In order to issue the command from the command bar simply press the Return Key or the Send button. To see the parameters for a specific command, move and hold the mouse pointer over the chosen command button –


You can create command buttons for frequently used commands on the Telegesis Terminal GUI. A command button allows you to send a command to Telegesis ZigBee Module, which executes and returns the result of the command. The result of the command is displayed on the Telegesis Terminal GUI. You can create any number of command buttons on the Telegesis Terminal GUI. You can also customize the colour and the associated command of a command button, and also group related command buttons under one group.